Technology and Inovation
Technology defies constant social change, both in business models and in Law itself. In “da Fonte, Advogados” we are proud to advise some of the main actors and projects that shape relevant technological environments in Brazil by structuring accelerators, incubators and startups; advising M&A and investment operations; as well as designing solid legal structures for innovative business models. Beyond the natural business environment of digital economy, our expertise also allows us to support analogical-based industries to rethink their models, redefining their purpose so that traditional business do not become outdated. In this sense, our experts specialize in more than 12 areas of Law and are daily dedicated to the study of technological advances and innovative processes, aiding big companies and great disruptive ideas to overcome the challenges that surround the legal framework related to innovation in both domestic and overseas markets. CLIENT PROFILE Our clients are startups, medium-sized companies with high impact business, innovation institutes, investment funds and global technology firms. We also help leading companies to rethink and redefine their business models facing arising challenges of the 4.0 economy. These companies invest, develop, explore and base their business in various innovative processes, such as artificial intelligence technologies for credit analysis, software development, distance education, internet portals, mobile, tracking solutions and DNA sequential analysis. Our job allows us to constantly enlarge our expertise as we get involved in new and varied businesses, enabling continuous updating in order to attend any company.
  • Analysis of the nature and tax impact on Innovative Business Models;
  • Assistance on M&A, Joint Ventures and Investments in Tech;
  • Designing and Negotiation of Technology Contracts;
  • Protection and Exploration of Intellectual Property;
  • Consulting on Personal Data Protection and the Brazilian General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD);
  • Regulation of Innovative Models and Public Contracts;
  • Labor Relations in innovative environments;
  • Civil Responsibility in digital economy contracts;
  • Juridical relations of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things;
  • Juridical relations of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things;
  • Advisory on cryptocurrency business.
Gisela Burle Cosentino
  • Corporate Law
Isabelle Velay Rufino
  • Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law
Larissa Cardoso Cahú
  • Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law
Víctor Cyreno Pereira de Melo
  • Tax Law


Folha de Pernambuco, Rádio CBN Recife e Rádio Transamérica | 16/10/2019

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Rádio CBN Recife

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Rádio CBN Recife | Direito Civil

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