Marianna Moreira




Areas of expertise:

Profissional Experience

Marianna Moreira acts in the litigious and consultative fields of the civil area, having experience with strategies definitions, risk analysis and legal disputes prevention and elaboration of legal opinions and procedural parts. In particular, acts in the legal analysis on cases of civil liability and consumer relationship.

Academic Formation

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), at University Católica of Pernambuco; Major Graduate in Civil Procedural Law, at Institute Luiz Flávio Gomes (LFG); Graduate in practical course on consumer law, at Institute Jurídico Luiz Mário Moutinho (ILMM).

Other activities

Before dedicating herself exclusively to DFA civil area, Marianna advised clients in the Civil, Real Estate, and Family Law and Succession areas, having experience in preparing management reports for due diligence.