Environmental Law

Our team advises companies on the planning and prevention of conflicts derived from the impacts of their businesses in the environment. In environmental consulting, we develop environmental studies and assist our clients in permitting procedures before environmental agencies, assisting them along with our multidisciplinary team, which includes members from different specialization areas, such as forest engineers, biologists, geographers, traffic engineers and hydrology and geoprocessing consultants. Our activity also includes the defense of our clients’ interests in administrative proceedings before environmental agencies, such as those filed for the application of fines and seizure of activity. We also work on lawsuits for civil and/or criminal liability of business and/or its officers, as well as other lawsuits that require in-depth knowledge of the Environmental Law.

  • Legal consultancy for the deployment of projects
  • Preparation of environmental surveys, including the Environmental Impact Assessment/Environmental Impact Report (EIA/RIMA), Environmental Feasibility Assessment (EVA) and Neighborhood Impact Assessment (EIV)
  • Environmental permits (Prior License and Installation and Operation Permits)
  • Litigation related to environmental issues
Lawyers of Environmental Law
Antônio Beltrão
  • Environmental Law
  • ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance
João Carlos Lopes
  • Administrative Law
  • Environmental Law


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