Rebeca Barros





Areas of expertise:

Setores de especialização:

Profissional Experience

Rebeca works in preparation and monitoring of corporate acts in general including the registration of those acts with the competent agencies. Furthermore, has strong experience in elaboration and analysis of contracts and business agreements.

Academic Formation

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Faculdade Integrada de Pernambuco (FACIPE). Graduate Studies (on course) in Civil-Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure, Faculdade Damas da Instrução Cristã.

Other activities

Before dedicating exclusively to the office’s Business Law, Rebeca worked in the office’s area of Intellectual Property and New Technologies, acquiring experience in the protection of trademarks and other intangible assets; analysis and preparation of contracts for assignment, licensing and transfer of intellectual works, trademarks, software and other intangible assets, as well as the provision of services of development, support and maintenance connected to technologies. Rebeca also provides guidance on matters of innovation, copyright, industrial property rights and protection of intangible assets.

Acknowledgments and awards

Author of the monograph "A POSSIBILIDADE DE REPARAÇÃO CIVIL DO NASCITURO EM RAZÃO DE DANOS MORAIS" supervised by Professor João Cláudio Carneiro Carvalho. Recife, 2015