Marília Albuquerque




Areas of expertise:

Profissional Experience

Marilia Albuquerque works in the fields of Family Law and Inheritance Law, fully focused on conflict humanization and costumer care. Her work aims the confidential and sensitive nature of family and inheritance relations, reaching both consultative practice and litigation. On Consultative demands, presents expertise on the elaboration of legal analysis, and producing reports and orientations concerning to all Family and Inheritance Law range. On judicial demands, has vast experience on writing pleadings and all procedural documents, and is proactive on tracking the proceedings and moving strategically for all acts before judicial system. Currently, supervises the Family and Inheritance Legal Team.

Academic Formation

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Faculdade Imaculada Conceição do Recife; Bachelor of History, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco; Bachelor of International relations, Faculdade Damas.

Other activities

Previous to exclusively dedication to da Fonte, Advogados, in the field of Family and Inheritance Law, worked in litigation aimed to federal matters on the fields of penal law, civil law and administrative law. Has worked with ONU and OAS Human Rights systems, and was Part on State Against Torture Committee in Pernambuco. As a licensed teacher, has worked in classes. Also, has work experience before public administration, having worked as Office Assistant on Recife Mayor House.