Daniele Colaço





Areas of expertise:

Profissional Experience

Daniele Colaço follows up procedures under courts of appeals in Brasília and administrative procedures before the Administrative Council of Fiscal Resources of the Ministry of Finance (CARF/MF), Federal District Accounting Office (TCDF) and General Accounting Office (TCU).

Academic Formation

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal – UDF; Postgraduate Degree in Administrative Law candidate, Instituto de Direito Público –IDP

Other activities

Before dedicating herself to the present area in the office branch in Brasilia, Daniele worked in the Attorney General's Office and in the Public Defender's Office of the Federal District. She is currently the Counselor for Youth (CJA) of OAB / DF, Vice-President of the Salary Floor Supervision Commission of the OAB/DF Young Lawyers Council, and a member of the OAB Social Commission of the Federal District, triennium 2019-2021.