Roberta Arakaki

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Setores de especialização:

Profissional Experience

Roberta Matsubara Arakaki has worked in the power sector since 2012, providing legal services for the most relevant players in the market - from power generation, transmission and distribution companies to energy traders and energy-intensive consumers. 
Her experience in regulatory consultancy includes drafting of power contracts, legal opinions and contributions for sectorial public hearings, as well as legal support for the development of innovative business models for both centralized and distributed generation projects. Roberta has also worked with administrative and judicial litigation related to sectoral fines and to key structural issues of the power sector, such as cross-subsidisation through sectoral charges – especially “Conta de Desenvolvimento Energético – CDE” - and disputes regarding Generation Scaling Factor - GSF. 

Academic Formation

Bachelor of Laws from University of São Paulo (USP). Senior year Business student at USP.  



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