The organizational and corporate culture of da Fonte, Advogados is our identity, evidencing how we think, act, and believe.


"Great things, together”.


"Provide legal certainty and efficiency to our clients’ business and patrimonial relationships".


1. Focus on the solution: 

We prioritize the solution. We avoid aimless disputes.

2. Commitment to quality: 

We are strict where excellence is concerned. We are always continuously improving and seeking to exceed all expectations. 

3. Concern for team’s satisfaction: 

We recognize the importance of our collaborators and always seek to ensure a good working and social environment. We encourage the development of individuals and teams, contributing to the achievement of their dreams.

4. Integrity: 

We value the truth. We always act earnestly, honestly and fairly, respecting everyone with whom we interact, regardless of background or of the challenges they have faced. ‘

5. Transparency: 

We always act in a clear and true manner, ensuring the most transparency in our actions.

6. Business insight: 

Our business is the law, but we continuously seek to strengthen our expertise in business matters, we believe that understanding our clients’ business is a condition to provide complete and secure legal solutions. 

7. Hard work: 

We work hard to serve our clients well, overcome difficulties and ensure good results.

8. Availability: 

We facilitate access and dialogue, both inside (collaborators) and outside (clients, suppliers, partners and all other stakeholders that make up our ecosystem) of the firm. 

9. Discretion: 

We are focused on our work, assured of our value, and we respect the confidentiality of all the relationships we establish. 

10. Future vision: 

We always seek opportunities for our business’ development, consequently, improving the lives of our team members and their families. The growth of our office enables the rise of each person that takes a part in it. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We dream big and have the courage and determination to overcome challenges.

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